WATCH: Max Irons on LIVE with Kelly & Michael talking about “The White Queen”

Max Irons was in New York City today on LIVE with Kelly & Michael to talk about “The White Queen”.  During the interview he revealed that he may be making the move to the US because it’s getting quite serious with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, there were no further questions on who this lucky lady is but he looks really happy and that’s all that matters!  Watch his interview below!


I’m happy he did a bit of promo for “The White Queen” in the US. My only complaint is that I wish there had been more! He was such a popular character in the series and I would’ve loved to have seen him make the rounds a bit. What did you think of his interview with Kelly and Michael?

Author: Heather Duval

Heather Duval is a co-owner of Fanspired and entered the world of pop culture at an early age by studying film in high school, attending IMTA in NYC and working with New England Models Group. With a Bachelor’s degree from Keene State College, Heather studied Marketing and Business Economics, filling every possible elective with film studies, social media and web design.