When It Rains on Your Summer…(with GIFs)

I don’t know what it is about this summer, but it feels kind of like a downer with this dreary weather!  I live in a state where it typically rains for 20-30 minutes a day and then it clears up and moves on.  Well, this summer that doesn’t seem to be the case! No matter where I visit (even to upstate NY), it seems that the rain follows wherever I go.  It makes it difficult to make tanning dates with friends ahead of time, outdoor shopping a problem, outfit choosing twice as long, and traveling patterns a nightmare (Tough life, I know. You can say it.)

So here is what I propose:

  1. tumblr_inline_mmwa14Vkk21qz4rgp
    Go shopping.  This is an excuse to buy an adorably vibrant colored rain jacket from The Gap that you never thought you’d wear.  And while you’re at it, pick up some Hunter Boots or knock-off rain boots, if you’re on the strap for cash.  These are on my 2013 Christmas list, actually (it’s never too early for that, I say!) The Hunter Boots are actually the perfect weather boot for rain or snow.  They sell fleece inserts for colder days.  Who needs Uggs when you can wear rain boots year round and they don’t get ruined from the wet weather? Holla!
  2. tumblr_inline_mo794w1Aeb1qz4rgp
    Host a movie and wine night in with friends. Every time you try to make plans with friends, it seems that’s all they are: plans. You all say you’ve “got to get together” or “let’s make a plan for next week” and it never happens.  So here’s my idea. Just pick one date and set it!  You can stay in, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, catch up on things going on in each other’s lives that you haven’t had a chance to talk about, and eat massive amounts of junk food while watching a Ryan Gosling/Reynolds movie. Problem solved.
  3. tumblr_mp4b4dVK881r6dd53o1_500
    Have a Girl Code marathon. My best friend just introduced me to this show and it makes me feel better on so many levels. Not only does this fill my Shit Girls Say withdrawls (if you haven’t seen their Youtube videos or follow their Twitter account @shitgirlssay, get on this PRONTO), but there are so many truths to these statements that you’ve never even thought of before as a girl.  Each episode talks about a few different topics and most of the girls are sarcastic and hilarious, not to mention all have their own personalities and styles.  Catch it on MTV, someday. You won’t regret it!
  4. tumblr_mm6w4h7jrG1rclx5fo1_400
    Rangle the troops. When the weather is too dreary to have a backyard BBQ, take the night inside with family and have a cook-in instead of a cook-out! Make something warm and homemade, maybe a family recipe and while cooking, don’t forget the random dance parties in the kitchen.

Summer 2013 Favorites – Top 5 : Things You Should Do

summerfavorites copy

Summer is my favorite time of the year & to celebrate the first day of summer I’ve complied a bunch of Top 5 lists! From movies, to books to bathing suits and clothing – I’ve got my favorite things for summer 2013!


1. Make a friendship bracelet.
You probably haven’t done this since you were in elementary school so why not break out the embroidery floss and get creative!

2. Eat something exotic.
Whether exotic to you is calamari or star fruit take a chance and try it! If you hate it, spit it into a napkin and forget it ever happened.

3. Make S’Mores
Don’t have a campfire? Improvise. Marshmallows, chocolate & graham crackers the best combination.

4. Read that book or magazine you’ve been meaning to.
I know a bunch of you have a book you’ve been meaning to read for months. Whether it’s the next Hunger Games, that Jane Austen book or a NY Times Best Seller, read it. If you’re not a book reader, I know you have some magazine you’re dying to get your hands on. Read it. Take a half hour and just sit down and immerse yourself.

5.  Visit an outdoor festival.
I don’t know about your state but up here in NH we have Seafood Festivals, Strawberry Festivals, Music Festivals and more! Do some research and go to something in your area!

Summer 2013 Favorites – Top 5 : Foods

summerfavorites copy

Summer is my favorite time of the year & to celebrate the first day of summer I’ve complied a bunch of Top 5 lists! From movies, to books to bathing suits and clothing – I’ve got my favorite things for summer 2013!


Food is the best part of summer! Okay, well maybe not the best part but it’s definitely up there. Here’s five of my favorite foods to eat in the summer time! What are yours? Let us know in the comments or on facebook or twitter!

1. Popsicle
2. Cheesy Garlic Bread Lays Chips (Remember that contest Lays did? Well, this flavor won.)
3. Half & Half – Iced Tea & Lemonade
4. Guacamole
5. Pasta Salad

Summer 2013 Favorites – Top 5: Bathing Suits

summerfavorites copy

Summer is my favorite time of the year & to celebrate the first day of summer I’ve complied a bunch of Top 5 lists! From movies, to books to bathing suits and clothing – I’m sharing my favorite things for summer 2013!


Let’s start it off with one of my favorite things in the world…bathing suits!

1. Unforgettable Demi Top with Bikini Bottom – Victoria’s Secret

2013-06-21 11_20_04-Unforgettable Demi Top - Forever Sexy - Victoria's Secret

2. Midkini & Banded Hipster – Delia’s

2013-06-21 11_26_16-Midkini & Banded Hipster - Floral Gingham - Swim - dELiA_s3. Ruffle Top & String Tie Bottom – Alloy

2013-06-21 11_28_56-Ruffle Top & String Tie Bottom - Snake & Tribal Collection - Swim - Alloy

4. Triangle Tropical Flower Bikini Top & Bottom – Forever 21

2013-06-21 11_35_34-SWIM - 46719418-01set

5.  Emma Printed Pushup Bikini Top & Bottoms – American Eagle

2013-06-21 11_39_40-Emma Printed Pushup Bikini Top _ Aerie for American Eagle


‘Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters’ Character Posters

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters character posters for Percy, Athena and Grover the satyr have been released!

2013-06-16 14_50_00-Start athenaposter groverposter


What do you think of these character posters? Let us know in the comments!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hits theaters on August 7, 2013.


Source: Percy Jackson Twitter 


Dos and Don’ts of Summer Vacation Packing for the Fashion Conscious

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 1.15.34 AMHave you ever had trouble packing your suitcase for a vacation?  Every girl I know packs too many shoes, more than one outfit option for a single day, and numerous pairs of pants – just in case.  Half the stuff I put in my suitcase usually doesn’t make it past the front door, if that.  After being asked by a friend if I had any strategies for shoving shoes into an already full bag,  I mentioned a few things that I do when I’m having trouble fitting in that last pair of heels (that I probably won’t wear…)

The Weekend Trip

A 3 or 4 day trip does not call for 7 to 8 outfits.  It calls for maybe 4 full outfits with smaller, optional items on the side.  For example, for this type of trip, I would pack one pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, and one dress.  I would then choose shirts that are versatile and can be worn with most of the bottoms I’m bringing to allow for some variety!  I may not feel like wearing shorts, but I can wear my favorite top with the jeans! As for the dress, that’s an outfit in itself that usually doesn’t take up much space.  See? Done.

The 7 Day Vacay
This one is a bit trickier because you may feel tempted to take your whole closet with you.  I defintely have trouble with this, as I am completely indecisive and can’t choose until that day because my mood changes all the time.  The trick is to pack only the clothes you wear a lot.  Do not pack those shoes you think you’ll wear, but they’ve never made it out the front door. And do not pack heels unless you know you’re going to an upscale place or a wedding.  On a vacation, most people just want to be comfortable and heels make it impossible to walk around for long periods of time. Also, pack minimal jewelry for specific outfits.  Every day pieces are okay, but limit the costume jewelry. Do pack lightweight clothes, like cotton dresses and tank tops, to leave space for more options!

Shoes Are Last
If you pack shoes first, you’ll fill the whole suitcase before you even get to the clothes!  By packing them last, you’ll only have so much available space, which will force you to pack a limited amount and choose only those that will coordinate with your outfits.  Also, flat shoes like sandals, flip flops, and sneakers are easy to fill in gaps in between clothes and on the outsides of the suitcase. Try not to bring any chunky heels, either! If you have to, only bring one pair that you are certain you’ll wear with a specific outfit.

Coordinate Your Clothes
Do lay out your clothes in advance – on the bed, on the floor, anywhere – and create outfits that will go together.  Do not pack random shirts or shorts that won’t look good with what you already picked out.  Do pack things you are confident in because you’ll be more likely to wear them.  Do not pack the shirt you don’t normally wear, just because it’s an opportunity to wear it.  Chances are, you won’t and it’ll just take up space.  Stock up on more shirts than bottoms and bring thin materials like cotton.  For chilly nights, you won’t regret bringing one favorite, lightweight jacket, but the operative word there is: one.