Scott Eastwood to be Considered for FIFTY SHADES Role?


After Charlie Hunnam announced he would no longer play Christian Grey in the upcoming FIFTY SHADES OF GREY film, the race to find a replacement has begun. Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood, is the next victim in the gossip columns’ game, according to Just Jared.

Charlie’s untimely departure (as in, production is starting in November, ‘untimely’) from the project has led to media speculation. Charlie reportedly said that the reason for his leave was due to the seemingly uncontrollable, instantaneous fan-frenzy and his commitment to “Sons of Anarchy.” We all know that “Sons of Anarchy” was not going to cause conflict with his schedule; however, Charlie is smart in protecting his image in this way.

Scott Eastwood as Christian Grey is an interesting choice. He’s relatively unknown, other than his relation to his famous father. This could, perhaps, be the best for the film; however, I have my doubts about whether Dakota Johnson, who plays the female lead Anastasia Steele, will have chemistry with Scott.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Scott would make a good Christian Grey?

Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer Never in the ’50’ Running

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When it came to the Christian Grey casting debate, Hollywood hunks, Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer were the top two choices to play the billionaire, BDSM addict. However, according to Bret Easton Ellis, they were never in the running to begin with! This is shocking news to me because Ian and Matt both were asked on many occasions about whether they would be interested in playing this iconic character.

Many people aren’t aware that FIFTY SHADES OF GREY was actually a Twilight fanfiction originally titled MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE (aka MOTU). Therefore, it’s only natural that EL James wanted Robert Pattinson for the lead role (because she quite frankly wrote the role for him). In fact, in an interview with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz, Rob mentioned that he had read the fanfiction MOTU. Now, how did the whole Robert Pattinson mention even come about? Well, in late June, Rob hosted a “Gatsby”-like party for his friend Nick Jareki. EL James was in attendance as well as Bret Easton Ellis.



Now that the two leads have officially been cast, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey, the public’s reaction to Dakota and Charlie is mixed (with the scale tipping more towards negativity). I’m not going to say my opinion until I see these two on the big screen and what kind of chemistry they have together. EL James is a picky woman. She wouldn’t just let anyone play the roles of Anastasia and Christian. I have hope.