Cassie Clare Talks CITY OF ASHES Movie Spoilers

Cassandra Clare talked to MTV about the CITY OF ASHES movie, scheduled to start production in 2014, and what we should expect from our beloved characters!

“Simon (Robert Sheehan) is turned into a vampire,” Clare teases, “And he goes from being this human who’s Clary’s friend to this ravenous undead thing.” Clare adds that she pushed for Sheehan in the role, with early discussions about his casting centering on how right he’d look stalking the night and sucking blood. “Robbie was actually my idea,” she says. “I saw him in ‘Misfits,’ which is a big comedy hit in Britain, and he’s just so good and yet also able to be heartbreaking and I thought he’ll be great and he will enjoy the hell out of being a vampire.”

What else can fans expect from “City of Ashes?” Well, Sigourney Weaver is joining the series as the Inquisitor. Describing the previously-announced casting, Clare says the character is “This badass, scary lady” that fans can expect to enjoy. Although she’s sworn to secrecy about any other details for the adaptation, Clare says there’s a massive battle on the deck of a warship capping the second story that she’s excited to see onscreen.

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Lily Collins #TMIMovie Red Carpet Premiere Looks

Lily Collins is one fashionable starlet! She started off her TMI press tour with a trendy display of crop tops, modern prints, classic silhouettes and high heels at the TMI Mall Tour in Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. I didn’t think it was possible to get anymore chic, but at the TMI Premieres in LA, London, Berlin, Madrid, and Norway, Lily stepped it up a notch and added Old Hollywood glam to her black carpet look.

[one_half] Los Angeles

Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN
Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN


[one_half_last] Toronto

Photo Credit: Just Jared
Photo Credit: Just Jared


[one_half] Berlin

Photo Credit: Rex
Photo Credit: Rex


[one_half_last] Norway

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:


[one_half] Madrid

Photo Credit: FameFlynet
Photo Credit: FameFlynet


[one_half_last] Mexico City

Photo Credit: Getty


Which THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES red carpet look did you like best on Lily?

WATCH: THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Mexico City Press Conference

Thanks to our friends over at TMI_Source for sharing, we have full coverage of Lily Collins, Kevin Zegers, Godfrey Gao and Jamie Campbell Bower at the Mexico City TMI: CITY OF BONES press conference.




Part 1




Part 2




Lily Collins Covers FLAUNT Magazine


Lily Collins channels her inner goth/punk in the latest issue of FLAUNT Magazine. Her blue mohawk, heavy black eyeshadow, and knee-high leather boots create just the right edginess to pull this look off.

Lily talks about never having that goth phase:

“I didn’t have a goth phase,” she admits, although she’s dabbled in the occult-ish. “My mom and I would always visit churches when I was traveling, and I was always interested in the darker side of things and the darker side of fairy tales.”

She talks loving fantasy and Jane Austen:

“I’ve always loved fantasy. I grew up reading these kinds of stories and just disappearing in my own head,” she says dreamily, pausing to remove a little vial of liquid Stevia and dribble it, tincture-like, into her tea. “I loved Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen novels, anything that’s out of this world in a way. Even though Jane Austen novels are very realistic, they still have this fantasy about them.”

And lastly, Lily talks fashion:

“As much as I love helping pick out clothes for other people, I think it’s so difficult when I can’t even figure out what is totally my style.” She shrugs. “I think it takes a really good eye to mix prints, and the stylists who I work with are incredible…I can go, ‘I don’t know,’ and then try it on and say ‘Oh, my God you are so right,’ but I could have never put it together.”

Dressing herself, she opts for the classic and feminine, but she’s not risk-averse.

“I like to have fun and experiment and only recently in the past year and a half, I’ve started to try being a bit edger…Not overtly sexy, because I would never do that, but a classy refined version of sexy, just a bit older.”

She points to the tastefully shredded denim she’s wearing and explains, “I’m a bit schizophrenic in my fashion. One day I’m wearing ripped jeans and lighter tones, and the next day I want to be really dark and edgy.”

You can read the interview in it’s entirety over at

Check out pictures from Lily’s FLAUNT Magazine photo shoot here:

Photographed by Frederic Auerbach

Lily Collins’ Interview and Photo Shoot With Just Jared

Lily Collins took some time out of her busy schedule to sit down with Just Jared and talk all things MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. Lily also posed for a few pictures, and MAN! does she look stunning!

Just Jared: What is your favorite prop from the set?

Lily Collins: The witch light.

JJ: Did you steal it?

LC: I couldn’t, I wasn’t allowed.

JJ: Did you steal anything from set?

LC: I stole my blue leather jacket with all the rips in it. And my Doc Martens.

JJ: What was the craziest stunt that you did?

LC: Ooh! Well, pretty much running around at three or four in the morning with my heels on was enough. But I ran, I had to climb up this fire escape and launch myself off of it, after the vampire lets go of my foot, and I did it in my six inch boots and my mini dress, so I was trying not to show any skin while launching myself onto Jamie, which was interesting.

JJ: Any injuries on set at all?

LC: Tons of bruising. Never really any full injuries except for lots of bruising.

JJ: What’s your favorite off screen moment?

LC: There was a moment at which we’re on the rooftop in the vampire scene, when the vampires fight, and we burst out of this door and we’re in serious fight mode. But two seconds before they yelled action, we were in the dark, like literally peeing our pants laughing because we were making fun of each other and doing voices. And then they yelled “Action” and we didn’t hear it, and we had to burst out the doors.

JJ: Describe your costars in one word.Godfrey [Gao].

LC: Lovely.

JJ:Kevin [Zegers].

LC: Brother.

JJ: Jamie.

LC: Otherworldly.

JJ: What is your favorite memory from this past summer so far?

LC: Oh my gosh, um… Genuinely, this mall tour has been so amazing. But I think actually playing a mom. I was just in Dublin for two and a half months filming Love, Rosie and I got to be a mom to this lovely young actress, Lily Laight, was Lily as well. But I think playing, getting the experience to play a mom was amazing.

JJ: What’s next for you after Mortals?

LC: Oh God, well we’re shooting the sequel. I don’t really know what’s next after this for sure. I’m signed on for Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, but I don’t know when that’s going to go, so right now it’s just focused on the sequel up until Christmas, because my next break is Christmas.

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Photo Credit: Justin Campbell | Just Jared



Opening weekend is the most important weekend for a released film. Why you might ask? Well, for starters, the opening weekend is historically the weekend that those big industry executives use to gauge a film’s success. Unfair, right? We think so, too, but it’s the truth. Although CITY OF ASHES is green lit and will begin shooting next month, the fate of whether we will see the remaining films is dependent on the success of this first film. What can you do to make sure these films get made? SEE City of Bones THIS WEEKEND … That means today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday! Head out to your nearest theater and become besties with the box office cashier (you might even get a ticket on the house … or not).

Should I list all the unforgettable moments you’ll want to see over and over and over again on the BIG screen?






Movie Pic #43





Need an incentive? If you didn’t know already, I’m an owner of a large TWILIGHT fan site, so I remember making challenges with my friends to see how many times we saw the film in the theater .. 4 was always my lucky number 😉 …. So … I want to challenge YOU! Beat my record of seeing THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES 4 times in the theater! Ready, Set, Go!!!

Lily Collins Stuns in Paper London & Halston on TMIMovie Red Carpet

At the Berlin stop of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES red carpet premiere, Lily Collins turned heads in a black, two-piece crop top and skirt ensemble. Lily wore a Paper London top, hitting just below her last rib, and a Halston high-waist floor length skirt. She finished this modern take on Old Hollywood glam by creating a 1950’s-inspired up-do complete with a black bow.

I would TOTALLY wear this look if I had her abs .. did I mention how S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G she looks? What are your thoughts? Does this look top her TMI Los Angeles premiere outfit?


Check out more pictures of Lily and the rest of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS cast at the Berlin premiere here!

PHOTOS: HQs of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Cast at the Berlin Premiere

Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Robert Sheehan and more stopped by Berlin to promote THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES. After looking through these pictures, I couldn’t help but think how lucky we are to have such an attractive cast! Lily looks so Old Hollywood glam in her two-piece ensemble, while the boys keep it chic in black and white suits.

Check out the photos from the Berlin premiere here:

Photos courtesy of The Mortal Instruments Facebook Page.