Thanksgiving in Gifs

You wake up in the morning knowing you’ll be eating an amazing meal later in the day.

But for some reason cooking anything feels like it takes years instead of hours..

It’s like someone is handing you a million dollars when the food is finally put on the table.

When you’re told you can eat, you don’t hold back.

Not everyone understands enthusiastic eaters.

You avoid that healthy looking dish by taking extra mashed potatoes.

You will fight it out for that last roll.

And you know it’ll only be a couple of hours before your raiding the leftovers for a turkey sandwich.



When It Rains on Your Summer…(with GIFs)

I don’t know what it is about this summer, but it feels kind of like a downer with this dreary weather!  I live in a state where it typically rains for 20-30 minutes a day and then it clears up and moves on.  Well, this summer that doesn’t seem to be the case! No matter where I visit (even to upstate NY), it seems that the rain follows wherever I go.  It makes it difficult to make tanning dates with friends ahead of time, outdoor shopping a problem, outfit choosing twice as long, and traveling patterns a nightmare (Tough life, I know. You can say it.)

So here is what I propose:

  1. tumblr_inline_mmwa14Vkk21qz4rgp
    Go shopping.  This is an excuse to buy an adorably vibrant colored rain jacket from The Gap that you never thought you’d wear.  And while you’re at it, pick up some Hunter Boots or knock-off rain boots, if you’re on the strap for cash.  These are on my 2013 Christmas list, actually (it’s never too early for that, I say!) The Hunter Boots are actually the perfect weather boot for rain or snow.  They sell fleece inserts for colder days.  Who needs Uggs when you can wear rain boots year round and they don’t get ruined from the wet weather? Holla!
  2. tumblr_inline_mo794w1Aeb1qz4rgp
    Host a movie and wine night in with friends. Every time you try to make plans with friends, it seems that’s all they are: plans. You all say you’ve “got to get together” or “let’s make a plan for next week” and it never happens.  So here’s my idea. Just pick one date and set it!  You can stay in, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, catch up on things going on in each other’s lives that you haven’t had a chance to talk about, and eat massive amounts of junk food while watching a Ryan Gosling/Reynolds movie. Problem solved.
  3. tumblr_mp4b4dVK881r6dd53o1_500
    Have a Girl Code marathon. My best friend just introduced me to this show and it makes me feel better on so many levels. Not only does this fill my Shit Girls Say withdrawls (if you haven’t seen their Youtube videos or follow their Twitter account @shitgirlssay, get on this PRONTO), but there are so many truths to these statements that you’ve never even thought of before as a girl.  Each episode talks about a few different topics and most of the girls are sarcastic and hilarious, not to mention all have their own personalities and styles.  Catch it on MTV, someday. You won’t regret it!
  4. tumblr_mm6w4h7jrG1rclx5fo1_400
    Rangle the troops. When the weather is too dreary to have a backyard BBQ, take the night inside with family and have a cook-in instead of a cook-out! Make something warm and homemade, maybe a family recipe and while cooking, don’t forget the random dance parties in the kitchen.