INTERVIEW: Jemima West – Isabelle Lightwood from ‘City of Bones’

We were lucky enough to speak with Jemima West on the phone just a little bit ago, she’s in Paris currently filming her new movie, F2014.  (And good news; it’s being filmed in English – no sub titles! Woo!) From her personal style to what actor inspires her check out what we talked about below!


Isabelle has the best sense of style ever and I’m totally obsessed with her outfits in the entire movie. How would you describe your personal style?

Um, to be honest, when I was filming in Toronto I went to an Urban Outfitters and bought of pair of leather leggings, so she inspired my own style at the time! I’d say I’m slightly more casual than she is. I wear flat shoes and I love to wear skinny pants and thick jumpers and I’m slightly more boring actually.

Isabelle is obviously a very strong and powerful character how did you prepare to jump into that role? Did you listen to a certain kind of music? Was dying your hair helpful?

Yeah, I mean as I’ve said already when you work on a role all the stuff you do personally as preparing and thinking of your character and then you get to meet all the creative team and the hair dresser and the make up artist and the costume designer and all of that together gives you an idea and really all of a sudden you’ve got your hair dyed black and your leather on and your high boots and you think I, okay, this helps so much in building and giving the final touch to the character and you know it’s truly inspiring what everyone else will bring to your character and um, how they inspired me as well.

Who is your acting role model? What actor do you draw inspiration from?

Um, I love, there are very few females actress I am really crazy about but I’d say Cate Blanchett is definitely my number one just because she goes from one role to the next and she goes from completely different characters every time, always making really risky choices and that’s what I admire about her. And she’s just a stunningly beautiful, talented actress and I’m very, very fond of actors like Daniel Day Lewis as well.

One more question for you! Someone had asked Lily this at one of the mall tours and I just loved it – if you could play anybody else in The Mortal Instruments movies who would you want to play? 

Hmm (she laughs) Who would I play? I’d probably play..I don’t know sometimes I think one of the boys?

Yeah, she had chose Magnus so if you want to pick one of the boys.. (***SPOILER ALERT***)

Yeah, Magnus! Magnus is quite cool because he gets to wear his underwear and have really cool parties. And he’s pretty casual. Maybe I’d play Robbie’s role maybe, Simon, because he gets to be a vampire and that’s pretty cool.

Yeah, definitely. (***END SPOILER ALERT***)

There are lots of characters, or one of the faeries!

There’s so many to choose from there just all so awesome but I have to say Isabelle is definitely my favorite! She’s the one I would want.

Yeah, I’ve got to go with Isabelle, to be honest.

She’s the one that kicks the most butt and doesn’t mess around with anyone, I love that.

(She laughs again.)


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She is a total sweetheart! It was so great to chat with her and we can’t wait until you can all see her as Isabelle Lightwood in City of Bones she truly embodies the character and brings her to life in the best way. Thank you so much to Sony for organizing the phone interview!

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