GIVEAWAY: ‘The White Queen’ Crown Ring


In the first episode of The White Queen you watch as Elizabeth participates in magic with her mother, after putting up not much of a fight, by choosing one of three lines sunk into the water.  Then, following instructions from her mother, she reels it in one foot every day until the end of her fishing line is dragged up onto the banks. What’s at the end? A crown ring. This crown ring  is more symbolic than she may even realize at that moment, even becoming her wedding ring when Edward forgets to bring one to their very private ceremony.

We’re giving away crown rings to our readers!

How to enter?

On Twitter tweet: I want to win #TheWhiteQueen crown ring from @Fanspired!


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inset : ‘The White Queen’ ring from Starz poster

Update 8/29: Contest Ends Sept 7

Author: Heather Duval

Heather Duval is a co-owner of Fanspired and entered the world of pop culture at an early age by studying film in high school, attending IMTA in NYC and working with New England Models Group. With a Bachelor’s degree from Keene State College, Heather studied Marketing and Business Economics, filling every possible elective with film studies, social media and web design.