Last week’s episode of “Scandal” opened with the torturous scene of Huck preparing to torture Quinn when he is interrupted by Olivia who tells him her Mother is alive, he advices her to disconnect her phone and take her mother to the safe house where he will meet them, before he leaves he pulls one of Quinns teeth out leading her to suffer on the floor. ___ tells Sally that if she dosen’t change her believes to pro-choice on the subject of abortion she will loose her campaign, forcing her into agreeing to change her beliefs at least in the public forum. Cyrus is dealing with the At the safe house, Olivia’s people are there to support her, it turns out Daddy Pope locked her mother up under the name of Omar Dresden after she found out what he did for a living and she planned to report him. The team remove her tracking device B6-13 put into her and they are on the move again. Olivia wants her mother sent to Hong Kong. When Harrison and Abbey return to Pope and Associates, it has been torn apart. Harrison calls a friend to make the fake passport for Olivia’s mom, she informs him that ___ says hello.

THE ROVER’s Limited & Wide Release Dates Pushed Up

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A24Films, the distributor for Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce’s highly anticipated movie THE ROVER, has announced that the US release date has been pushed up from previously reported. Now the film will have a limited release on June 13th, followed by a wide release on June 20th.

WATCH The Rover teaser trailer here.

RECAP: Scandal (S03E12)

“Scandal” opened last week with a heated argument between Fitz and Olivia, Mr.President is not happy about her arrangement with Jake because he does not trust Jake with Olivia. Throughout the argument Fitz insults Olivia several times making her out to be a commodity, a prize, something he owns. Olivia tells it to him straight – Jake by her side is for her, it has nothing to do with him, it is to make her life easier, to remove the scarlet A from around her neck. Fitz comes to see things from Olivia’s POV, apologizing before he leaves.

Back at the White House Mellie meets with Andrew Nichols, he tells her she is not the only reason he took the VP job, but Mellie shuts down any hopes of something happening between the two but we get a glimpse at the evolution of the friendship;

FLASHBACK: 14 Years Ago

Andrew over hears an argument between Fitz and Mellie, Mellie will not go to a dinner honoring Fitz’ father , she won’t let Fitz touch her, not even sleep with her. Remember – Fitz’ father raped Mellie, so her actions are completely justifiable only Fitz has no idea why. Later, Andrew finds Mellie passed out, having overdosed, he makes her vomit to empty her stomach and bring her back to consciousness. Mellie is angry with Andrew for saving her from her suicide attempt; she tells him about Fitz father, not knowing if her son is his or Fitz and sometimes it takes away her want to live! Later, Andrew tells Mellie that he misses her, being alone with her but she tells him he is the lieutenant Governor and she is the Governors wife so nothing can happen. 

Back To The Present Day . . . .

The morning after they sleep together, Adnan is with Harrison when she asks him to hold on to ALOT of cash for her and make the donation to the Grant Campaign, knowing that Olivia knows nothing about what she refers to as Clearwater, Adnan threatens to reveal Harrisons past so he has no choice but to cooperate, what happened in Clearwater?

Jake is delivered a special packing now that he is has the highest security clearance in the US as the commander of B6-13. Part of his letter mentions he has a trusted agent inside the White House, something he should utilize.

Laying in bed, Abbie tells David she loves him but their moment is interrupted by James who is freaking out that he has been discovered as Publius, but of course it is a false alarm and David has missed his moment with Abbie. Cyrus asks James to organize an interview between Vanessa Chandler and the president in an attempt to charm her into revealing the identity of Publius.

Journalist, Carla Steele, is claiming to have proof of drug use in the administration’s early years. Andrew is admitting to the drug use claiming it was for severe back pain he was suffering on the campaign trail. How is this information only coming to light now? Who is tipping them off? Olivia knows exactly who – her Father, who is attempting to tank Fitz’ reelection. Although hesitant to be dealing with Olivia’s family drama, Jake agrees to see what he can do. He puts Charlie on the case.

Later, Cyrus calls Charlie who has been following Rowan. Quinn, not wanting to sit at home has been following Charlie and takes over his post when he leaves. She has Rowans dinner with Olivia under surveillance, even though Charlie told her she is not on the Job. In the restaurant, Rowan is avoiding talking about B6-13 so Olivia leaves, spotting Quinn on her way out. Going straight to her  she asks her to come home, back to Pope & Associates but Quinn decline. She will not return because Huck does not want her there, Huck licked her face like a piece of meat, she is no longer human to him, how can she be expected to work in that environment? Quinn threatens Olivia with a gun making her leave the car, she has sided with B6-13.

Cyrus in on the hunt for Publius – David tells James to leak the NSA tape as Publius to protect himself. Vanessa wants to meet with Publius but James is refusing to go, reluctantly David agrees to go in his place, both of them unaware that Cyrus and Charlie are intercepting their messages.

Finding the doctor who Carla is using, Harrison and Abbey visit the doctor, where he mentions it was a woman who received the drugs. Olivia pays a visit to Mellie to tell her the drugs story is dead, then lets her know that she knows it was her who was popping the pain killers that night? Telling her she and Andrew need to stop whatever they are doing for the sake of the campaign. Really Olivia? Are we the only people thinking the is the last person who should be giving Mellie this advice? Mellie tells Olivia nothing has happened with Andrew, that unlike her she can keep her legs closed, they are not the same people. MELLIE – 1 , OLIVIA – 0.

Olivia calls Jake home to ask why he assigned Quinn to stake out Rowan, but Jake did not assign Quinn. Jake tells her to not question his job and his decisions and lastly to stock her damn fridge with something other than Beer and Popcorn before stripping off to take a shower, leaving Olivia looking a little stunned.

Huck has started a habit of bringing Olivia coffee. Strange, right? He tells her it is a gesture to apologize for everything with Quinn because he does not like it when Olivia is mad at him. She tells him, he went to far with Quinn,  but Huck believes he went exactly as far as the leash that Olivia holds allowed him. She took in a monster, not a puppy when she took in Huck! Poor Huck, he breaks our hearts, we just wanna give him a cuddle!

Sally meets with Hollis Doyle, who is offering to donate heavily to Sally’s campaign if he has a say in who energy chief is, throughout the meeting Sally is zoned out. Hollis then goes to meet with Cyrus who makes the same agreement with him.  What is Hollis unto?

The night of the donation dinner, Fitz is not happy to see Hollis Doyle, he wanted him refunded for the dinner and all his donations returned. Cyrus tells James about the Vanessa set up, he attempts to warn David as he is bundled into a car. David in the trunk of the car calls Abbey to say he loves her, Luckily it was abbey who just kidnapped him and saved his life. Charlie then calls Cyrus to tell him Publius never showed up.

Back at the donation dinner, Adnan Salid introduces herself to Cyrus, and thanks him for getting her back into the country. What is going on here? How do these two know each other?

As Jake talks to Quinn about her being out of her league, she shows him what she has found on public cameras – Rowan is working with Leo, Olivia was right! We all knew that but now Jake is in on this knowledge too

Following the donation dinner, Mellie runs into Andrew who is viewing the portraits of the First Ladies when  Mellie tells him “You do not touch the First Ladies”, after which he still attempts to kiss her when Mellie puts a stop to it before she changes her mind and kisses him!! What? Mellie, Mellie, Mellie, tut tut!

Olivia visits Fitz in the Oval office to discuss the donations but he wants to talk about something else, She tells him she cannot spend all her time worrying about him, her life has to be about what she wants, what she needs. He asks her if she has feeling for Jake? Does she? At B6-13 Jake is visited by Tom, yes, Fitz’ #1 agent, he is B6-13; he is Jakes eyes on the inside. He makes nightly deliveries of the footage from the White House, tonights golden moment for Jake to view Olivia’s conversation where she admits to Fitz she does not know if she has feelings for Jake. Oh if only they knew, the walls have ears.

Adnan Salif returns home to none other than MAYA POPE! She asks her are they in? Yeah their in! WTF? Momma Pope is working with Harrisons ex! This is going to be interesting.

Tonights episode promises the most shocking moment of the season! What else can happen, our minds are already blown.

DO NOT MISS an all new “Scandal” Tonight at 10/9c on ABC


RECAP: Grey’s Anatomy (S10E13)

“Grey’s Anatomy” returned to our screens last week and OMG was it worth the wake.

The episode opened with April and Jackson running from her wedding Ceremony in what seemed like a dream sequence until Aprils conscience seeped in and she began to freak out before kissing Jackson telling him to Drive!! FINALLLY, Right? Not so fast, April asks Jackson to pull over the car, she is again freaking out telling Jackson she can’t do this, what? No April, get back in the car!!

Meredith and Derek are arguing as he has accepted the presidents request meaning he can no longer keep the promise of taking care of their children while she works on her research. Balancing children and careers as successful surgeons is not easy for these two.

Cristina is called back to the hospital for Alex’s father following Shane’s mess up. Alex lets slip that Cristina and Shane were sleeping together to Owen of all people. Oh Alex. . .never tell someones ex who they are now sleeping with!

Arizona lets out her frustrations to Callie for trying to fix her, It looks like their relationship was hanging by a thread.

Bailey and Ben are still arguing over him quitting surgery but Ben explains that he was loving surgery but walked away to be with her!

3 Weeks Later . . . 

Callie and Arizona have decided to make a fresh start by purchasing a new house, leaving the bad memories at their apartment. A new start for these two is exactly what they need although Callie is a little hesitant she is willing to do it to give Arizona the new start in life she so desperately needs.

Ben, Baileys husband, is now resident at Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital joining the others who are still trying to figure out what happened with April and Jackson as Shane returns to work. Bailey takes Ben his lunch in a condescending but funny way as she also uses him to try get gossip from the residents, something Ben is not giving in to.

Alex lies to Jimmy’s ex-wife telling her he is dead to get her to the hospital. Introducing Jo to her as his Fiance, much to Jo’s shock! How do you not know your engaged? Jimmy’s ex-wife is not pleased to learn Alex lied to her, all she wants is her fathers guitar back from Jimmy, which she takes, leaving without saying goodbye to Jimmy. When Jo confronts Alex about their ‘Engagement’, it does not end well.

Owen is buy trying to work around who can work with who, keeping Dr. Shane Ross with him and he is being particularly hard on Dr.Ross something Richard calls him out on, is it because he was sleeping with Cristina?  Dr.Ross apologizes to Alex for what happened to Jimmy and it turns physical as Alex punches Shane serveral times.

Stephanie and Avery finally talk just so that she can ask him to do a pro bono surgery on her patient. Its a start, right? Stephanie still heartbroken from being left by Jackson receives a speech from Leah about how the surgeons at the hospital take advantage of the residents, Arizona to her, Cristina to Shane and Jackson to Stephanie, telling her something needs to be done about it!

As Alex sits at his ailing fathers bedside, comforting him through lies, in an emotional scene for Alex who takes the high road despite his past, telling him his family knows they love him, he can let go. Jimmy passes away with his son by his bedside, leaving Jo to comfort Alex. Is there still hope for these two?

Derek is being Vetted by the White House, they are delving deep into his past while he and Meredith are still arguing over him taking the job. The White House uncover a sports accident from Derek’s past when his friend ended up paralyzed, Derek has been helping his friends family financially ever since. This is not a bad thing is it?

Cristina and Meredith are working on their friendship, first step, doing a surgery together.  Its good to see these two try move on with their relationship and move past the hostility.

Later, Owen calls an emergency board meeting, a resident has lodged 3 separate complaints with HR. The hospital will now implement a policy where as unless previously married there is to be a zero tolerance on relationships between superiors and subordonants. As Jackson is at home making dinner when his WIFE returns. YES! April and Jackson decided why date when they know they want to be together so they got married following her wedding day freak out! BEST NEWS “Grey’s Anatomy” has had in a while.

What does this policy change mean for some of  our “Grey’s Anatomy” favorite couples? Who do you think will be the first to learn of Jackson and April’s wedding?

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Tonight at 9/8c on ABC


RECAP: Scandal (S03E10)

Can you hear the choir of angels singing, that is because two of our FAVORITE shows are back on our screens this week and “Scandal” is one of those. Its been almost Three months since it last graced our screens so here is a little reminder of what went down on the scandalous mid-season finale.

The episode opened where the previous episode left off with Sally and Daniel Douglas arguing over his indiscretion with James with ultimately led to Sally loosing her cool and repeatedly stabbing her husband, killing him! And who is the first person the VP calls, none other than Cyrus!

Quinn is at B6-13, something Huck knows because he shoved a tracking device into her gums, OWWW!  Just as Quinn makes the move to kill Daddy Pope she is interrupted, running to the bathroom, disposing of her weapon, a needle before tearing the tracking device from her gums. Oh no Quinn please don’t go to the dark side.

Rowan is intercepted while driving through the city streets and kept prisoner by the president until Maya’s plane lands, giving the two some time to sit and talk. Fitz is struggling to understand why he made him shoot the plane down when he had Olivia’s mother the entire time. Fitz tries to get to Rowan by telling her father that he is screwing his daughter, setting Daddy Pope on a rant about how spoilt Fitz is, taking the one thing that is actually his, his Daughter. Telling him that he does not love Olivia but loves that she is the way out of him being his fathers son telling Fitz not to use his daughter to make him a man when he is a merely disappointing boy.

Cyrus rushes to Sally’s home and uses Charlie to cover up Daniel Douglas’ death, everyone will think he died of a heart attack thanks to Charlie and Quinns clean up skills, Cyrus’ support and Sally’s acting. Later, Charlie and Quinn wake up in a hotel and Quinn is freaking out about how much her life has changed in a week because of B6-13.

Mellie is all but delighted to hear of Daniel Douglas death, despite their plans coming to fruition the guilt has finally gotten to Cyrus but the First Lady is not letting him wallow in his guilt. Mellie goes to visit Sally telling her she and Cyrus will take care of everything from the Funeral to the cover up with the coroner with a not so subtle hint to drop her presidential campaign.

Olivia’s gladiators are looking into her mothers past following her realization of her Mother’s past as a terrorist. Huck and Jake realize Daddy Pope is in the Pentagon and Fitz allows Olivia to see him. During her visit Olivia comes that there was not a bomb on the plane that Maya fooled him into killing hundreds of people for nothing. Mamma Pope is the EVIL one, not Rowan. Well that was a shocker! Olivia tells Fitz to have her  Mother arrested the second she lands in Hong Kong! Before leaving Rowan tells Fitz B6-13 is not an individual, cut off the head of the snake and another will grow back.

Charlie wakes up to find Quinn missing from bed, she is at Pope & Associates to talk to Huck who refuses to apologize telling her that if it wasn’t for Olivia he would have killed her, she is not a gladiator anymore. Harsh words from our favorite serial killer. Quinn then returns to Charlie, is B6-13 where she belongs now that she is no longer a Gladiator? We really hope not.

James goes to David to tell him they must stop the cover up of Daniel Douglas’ murder but David no longer trusts James so he is not on board with James’ plan. Later, As Cyrus readies himself for bed James returns home, Cyrus asks him what happens now? Where do they go from there? He still loves James but so much has happened, can the stick to there vows, for better or for worse, is their  love enough to get them through it? Cyrus gives James some time to consider and asks him to think with his heart.

Fitz calls Olivia to tell her that her mothers plane never made it to Hong Kong, it went down in mongolia, her mother has escaped. As Olivia is coming to terms with her missing murder, she tells Jake her father will make someone pay for everything that has happened to him. They kiss as Jake says Goodbye telling her whatever happens she needs to know he loves her. How Sweet of him.

Following Daniel Douglas’ funeral, Leo is at the house with Sally telling her the Grant administration are using her loss to there advantage, that they are using her, pushing Sallys buttons causing her to yell that Daniel Douglas is in hell and he deserves what he got. Sally’s outburst brings Leo to the realization that she killed him, and he is furious that she called the white house instead of him.

David Rosen is visited by someone who worked on NSA technology that has the taping of Sally’s call to Cyrus. What will David do with this information? What does it mean for Sally and Cyrus?

Olivia calls her Father to ask him if he hid her mother for 22 years to protect her from who she was. Flashing back to the day her Mother ‘died’ he avoids her question telling her the answers she is so desperate for she will never get from him but that they should return to their old ways, having sunday dinner and talking about his job at the Jeffersonian. Rowan then enters his office to find the head has been cut off the snake, the new commander of B6-13 is JAKE who has teamed with Fitz!!! OMG we died a little when this happened, Jake looked hot at this moment but he is now command.

James tells Cyrus that if he names him White House Press Secretary he will not leave him, Smart but cunning on James’ part Cyrus has got what he wants.

As Olivia is sipping her wine she receives a call from her Mother, she is standing outside the White House, Momma Pope is BACK in D.C. and she tells Olivia she will see her real soon!

“Scandal” is back TONIGHT at 10/9c on ABC! We are ridiculously excited and cannot wait to hear what you all think of tonights episode.


Update on RECAPS and “Shauna & Lindsey”

Hi All,

We wanted to update you on what will be happening with our TV RECAPS and Column. We will continue with the RECAP’s that were being read most as we have both gotten grown up jobs over the past month or so and spending 20hours a week watching TV is no longer an option for us unfortunately. We’re going to miss the days of sitting around watching Tv Shows but we got to be grown ups, we know – it sucks! The shows we will continue to recap are “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal”, “Teen Wolf”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “The Big Bang Theory” . We know we missed an episode or two but we will have them all up to date in the next week or two. We will pick back up with our Bi-weekly column February 5th, we just need a little time to adjust to our new schedules and were a little busy with Award Season blogging right now.

We will also be starting separate accounts soon “Shauna & Lindsey” will no longer seem like one person but we will still post our joint articles from this account.

If there any shows you would REALLY want us to RECAP just let us know and we will try our best to fit it in.  Happy New Year!


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